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Behind the Scenes – Star Wars Prints

November 6, 2012


Behind the Scenes - Star Wars Prints

So I started with the thought of doing something ‘Different’. Every Star Wars print/poster I’ve come across either is either dark, to detailed, and overly complex. What I hoped to capture when creating these prints is a minimalist approach to the epic films. Making bright and cheerful prints, something everyone could enjoy! Boy, girl, man, woman, Wookiee you name it.

I first started off sketching them by hand, figuring out what I wanted to portray in each print. I needed epic iconic elements that would suit the movie and ultimately inform the viewer right away as to what they are seeing.

Second, I photographed the sketches and outlined them in Illustrator. Straightening up the lines and creating perfectly balanced shapes. Adding colour to them and playing around with sizing.

Next I added a layer of texture. Color burning the effect, overlaid on top of the illustrated work, adding a feeling of depth to the print.

Typography was then added over each of the prints, lined up perfectly centered and horizontally aligned with each other, so that if purchased as a 3 some they would be in perfect harmony.

Voila! A print ready for Sale!

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