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My not so awkward photo shoot thanks to 6 important tips.

April 29, 2014


Owning your own online business can be amazing and super rewarding, and with like most jobs, yes it’s still a job, there are good things about it and bad things. In this post I’ll explore one bad thing that most of us may experience. That horribly awkward and insecure feeling of having your photo taken. Also I’ll show some steps to make it quicker, more efficient, and more eye catching so you are not not spending an entire day giving your best Zoolander pose;) Even if you don’t have fancy equipment and great lighting you can still take amazing shots. All it takes is a little prep and creativity.

First of all it’s very important that you present yourself as, well yourself! I took most of them down in the old factory district of Toronto because of all the character. There’s some great features like industrial brick walls, old windows and doors. As humiliating as it was, at the end of it all I had a lot of fun doing the shoot.

Here are a few tips on what to do to make your photos look great:

  1. Shooting outdoors is your best bet when it comes to budget and quality. Try shooting on a cloudy day because the sun can have pretty harsh lighting at times and may not be very flattering.
  2. Try taking shots panned out a bit, meaning shoot wide. If you are not printing them out you have the luxury of cropping into the shot and still retain quality.
  3. Try leaving some space in the shot so that you can fit in some text later. Shoot one third or two thirds and imagine where copy may super impose over top of that image.
  4. Try looking for interesting textures and details in the background. This can add to your shot and make something more appealing. On the flip side try shooting on white or a solid colour. You can then edited that shot later and stretch the background to seem larger.
  5. No matter how awkward you feel keep shooting. What you want is a few hundred selects to choose from so you have those variations to play with, and later you can weed out the ones that didn’t work. I think maybe 500 photos were taken during my shoot.
  6. When posing try a few different shots were you’re looking into the camera, away from the camera, up, down, left, right, try things like jumping, making faces and looking off into nowhere’s land, smile, frown and look perplexed. Try showing your personality a bit highlighting the things that make you, you.

Well there you have it. Those are a few of my suggestions on how to manage a better photo shoot to make the process go faster. Remember there’s only one you, so make sure you highlight that. Try different poses, faces and backdrops. Try shooting outdoors to help with lighting. Leave space in your photo for copy. And most important, try having fun!

I’m still working on selecting my favorites from the shoot, so stay tuned and I will have them up shortly.

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