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How to uncurl and flatten a poster. A step by step guide.

May 30, 2014


You have shopped our site and spent hours determining which poster to purchase. Once you’ve selected that awesome piece of art you think will fit perfectly between your sofa and mid-century modern hutch, you sit back and wait patiently for your beautiful one of a kind poster to arrive in the mail. A week or two later in arrives! It’s packaged in a sturdy 3″ ridged tube and that delicious poster is inside waiting to be revealed. But wait! You have concerns in opening your precious art because you are overly paranoid about crushing it or bending it. Well have no fear, this detailed step by step guide to opening your poster print will help ease your worries.

Pull off one end cap.

Tip the tube over so the poster slides out naturally. Do not grab, pull or pinch the poster trying to extract it. This my cause bending creasing of the posters edges.

Once the poster is out, use your tube as a fun megaphone, or simulate a Darth Vader voice.

Peel the sticker off the rolled up poster, be sure not to squeeze the poster to hard as you may bend it. Do not use scissors or a knife to cut the sticker as this may cut the print damaging it and your soul.

Carefully take out your print from the protective polyethylene bag and roll it out on a clean flat table and place a clean heavy flat item like a book on either end of the poster. Then sit back and relax while watching re-runs of Mash or Golden Girls all night long.

If you find step 5 too long of a wait you can alliteratively use the poster tube as an uncurling device. Wrap your poster around the tube in the opposite direction of the curl and tie two elastic bands on either end. This will provide maximum de-curling power, however it provides greater risk in damaging the print, so be careful when attempting this alternate option.

Well there you have it. Your poster is now ready to be framed and hung perfectly between your sofa and mid-century modern hutch just waiting for your friends and family to compliment you on your modern yet sophisticated style.

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