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You’ve been framed! 4 tips to framing a poster, print, or photo

June 17, 2014


So you have spent your time and money on a wonderfully inspiring print you found online that will get loads of attention from your soon to be jealous friends. You receive it in the mail and take it out of that durable 3″ shipping tube and have followed our tips to uncurl and flatten that beautifully designed piece of art. Now you need to frame it! Well no worries, we have some great tips to help make framing your art a snap.

1. Color options

Simple and clean is often better. Try looking for colors that don’t detract from the art work. A simple black frame is often the wisest solution because as they say ‘black goes with everything’. If you don’t like the starkness of a black frame you can try white or even steel as it will reflect the light and brighten up your room. If you choose to go with a colored frame like a solid or even wood grain, make sure the colors in the frame have some of the colors in your print. Matching the colors is very important as it creates unison and won’t detract the eye away when viewing.

2. Style of frame

There are literally 1000’s of frame type to choose from. To start off, choose a frame that is thicker for large prints, and a frame that is slimmer for smaller prints. If you are hanging a modern piece of art you may consider matching that modern style in the frame. On the flip side if your art is more of a timeless classic like dogs playing poker you could try a more beveled or ornate frame with lots of decorative details. To get an idea of what your art would look like before purchasing a frame, has a great tool for uploading your art and selecting frame options.

3. Selecting a Mat

When purchasing your frame often times it will come with a mat. All of our prints are measured to fit most standard frames that you can find online or in stores like Walmart and IKEA. If you have a specific frame in mind that you just have to use but it does not come with a mat, you can simply bring it into a specialty framing store like Michaels and they will mat it for you for around $20. Just make sure to ask for an archival acid free mat that’s 4 ply or higher, PH-balanced and that’s 100% cotton rag. The reason for this is that some of the cheaper mats fade over time and discolor. The dimensions of your mat should be 2-3 inches larger than you artwork. Also stick with a white or slightly off white mat. Colored mats will surely distract from your art.


4. Where to hang

Really before your frame and mat is selected, you have to think about where it’s going. Most people just buy the cheapest frame and place their art work in it not even realizing that the modern sleek glossy frame they purchased will be sitting above that old white rustic console table. Make sure you know what the wall color is, what objects are in the room and what kind of lighting is in the room before framing it. If it’s being hung in your den which houses a dark black leather sofa, perhaps a black frame would work best. Or if it’s being hung in you children’s room that’s painted all yellow maybe bright white frame would suit the room. Choose the right frame for the right place before you go spending your hard earned money.

There you have it 4 simple steps to frame you newly purchased print. With any luck your friends will be jealous in no time! Any other question or concerns about framing you next print leave a replay below and we will be sure to help you out.


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