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Do you know where your Zombie Safe Zone is?

September 2, 2014


The zombie apocalypse has finally happened and you need to leave your city fast! As panic sets in you quickly remember that to survive a zombie apocalypse you need to find a safe zone, somewhere where there’s a natural abundance of water, fish and forestry. Somewhere far away where in an isolated place. You decide to Google map a location to search for a safe zone but WAIT, all systems are down. How do you find your safe zone!

Have no fear. These zombie safe zone maps are here to help. These state maps highlight the most popular cities that are prone to outbreak. With these maps you will be able to safely escape the apocalypse with exact routes to your safe zone.

Each map highlights a from and to point explaining directions, distance, time, and additional information about the safe zone like water type and food resources. Own one or own them all to be extra prepared.

Find your safe zone map here.IMG_2168.JPGIMG_2107.JPGIMG_2105.JPGIMG_2104.JPGIMG_2110.JPGIMG_2108.JPGIMG_2111.JPGIMG_2079.JPG
Can’t find the map you are looking for? We also came out with a CUSTOM MAP listing where you can enter in your location and we will send you a personalized map with from and to points.
See all the maps here.

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